Afternoon at the Aquarium

Kristy and I spent the earlier part of Saturday at the Seattle Aquarium. We had a delightful time with the sea mammals, fishies, and crustaceans. There’s something very calming about all the dark water and bright corals. Makes me want to take up diving.

Seahorses and more seahorses!

Meat coral. mmmmeat.

Haha, when Kristy and I got to this tank I pointed to the coral at the front and said, ‘braaains…’ I was right- it’s called brain coral! At night brain corals feed by extending their tentacles to catch small, drifting animals. Spooky.

Under a mystical arch of moon jellies

Al, the northern fur seal. He is so adorable! You can’t tell from this angle, but northern fur seals have huge bodies and tiny heads- it makes them look kinda like giant, fat cats.

Mmmm. It’s days like this I really love living here.

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