Happy birthday, you handsome devil!

Dean’s true birthday was this past Thursday. We had a quiet celebration, just the two of us. I took him out to dinner at Jack in the Box for burgers then we went home and watched some Top Gear. We threw a proper party for him last night. It was a pool tournament with two custom made trophies- one for the winner (a dark horse named Chris who had come as someone’s plus one!), one for best dressed (the eternally dashing Jeremy Flores, who had bought a bow tie from Nordstrom specially). Dean is always in the mood to play pool so he was in heaven. There were some incredibly good players! I went to bed right before 2am and some of the boys were still playing…

A funny story about the cake: Our oven is slanted so the cake tiers baked lopsided. I thought I could fix them by putting the fat end of one cake tier on the thin end of the other (after they cooled, with frosting) and at first, I thought I’d succeeded- it looked perfectly level under the frosting! The angle was too much though and the top tier slid right off. D’oh! Dean tried to slide it back on but the damage was done and the cake crumbled under the attempt. Haha. It’s the most pathetic looking thing, this failed cake, but it’s still tasty. I had a lopsided piece for breakfast. Thanks to Whole Foods for providing the pretty cake we served at the party.

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