Cafe Presse

Jeremy has been singing the praises of Café Presse for ages. He got us a gift certificate for Christmas but it’s taken Dean and I this long to actually go! It’s right in our neighborhood, so we met our friends there around 2 this past Sunday- just in time for the Juventus v. Roma match (of course, Dean is the only one who knows anything about European football but he was kind enough to explain players and plays). We had a fabulous time- the atmosphere is quirky and cozy (the olive painted tables!), the staff attentive and laid back.

“Yogurt with honey and walnuts” “Almonds sautéed in olive oil, coarse sea salt”

Dean’s Croque Monsieur, “Baked ham, gruyere and béchamel sandwich”

My heavenly Sauté de truite (which I foolishly tried to pronounce!) or “Sautéed boneless trout, on a sauté of red and green cabbage, bacon, winter pears and sherry vinaigrette”

Angela’s Côte de porc fum or “Carlton pork chop, brined, smoked and grilled, on polenta with a creamy red grape, sage and celery ragout.”

Yum! We’ll have to go again soon.

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