British Sea Power

Walked up to the Fish Fry around 7 to meet Eric, Dave, and Angela. It was pretty crowded so we huddled around the window during dinner. Jeremy spotted us from the street and popped in to say hello (he is in the throes of a love triangle!). Then Jamie, Frank, and Herman spotted us and popped in quickly as well (they were in the neighborhood for a show at the Comet Tavern). Apparently, all roads lead to to the Pike Street Fish Fry!

The openers, A Classic Education were really fucking great and the British Sea Power set was pure magic. Lots of foliage and owls… and at the end, the Pike and Pine street signs. I can’t recount the whole set list, but they opened with ‘Who’s In Control’ and closed with ‘Waving Flags’ which led into a fantastically drawn-out ‘thanks for coming’ song (in my state of happy spaciness, I almost got smacked in the head with a guitar at this part, d’oh!). Dean and I did the clumsy-couple shuffle-dance the whole way through. Eric and I laughed at the loud pair in front of us. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Speaking of the pair in front of us the crowd was a riot- errr, in patches. Actually the audience was fairly stoic but there were a few interesting fans- a randy man and woman grinding to our left and some super sloshed dudes in front of us. At first, I was annoyed by the drunk guys but was eventually won over by their violent swaying, pumping rock fists, and flagrant farts. Haha! They sure were something… it’s their brand of balls-out enthusiasm that I like best in the end, not the quiet kids tweeting on their smart phones.

fuzzy photos:

spooky owls, extra eerie when the fog rolled out

Abi Fry on the left, lovely in her stocking feet.

Eep! I love them so much!!

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