Dressed to Kill

Ah, the last from my Michael Caine marathon list. Angie Dickinson plays a doe-eyed desperate housewife. She is brutally murdered in an elevator after having casual sex with a stranger. The crime is witnessed by a high end prostitute named Liz (Nancy Allen) who catches the killer with the help of Peter (Angie’s science whiz […]

Afternoon at the Aquarium

Kristy and I spent the earlier part of Saturday at the Seattle Aquarium. We had a delightful time with the sea mammals, fishies, and crustaceans. There’s something very calming about all the dark water and bright corals. Makes me want to take up diving. Seahorses and more seahorses! Meat coral. mmmmeat. Haha, when Kristy and […]

Happy birthday, you handsome devil!

Dean’s true birthday was this past Thursday. We had a quiet celebration, just the two of us. I took him out to dinner at Jack in the Box for burgers then we went home and watched some Top Gear. We threw a proper party for him last night. It was a pool tournament with two […]