Drinks at Bleu Bistro

Dean and I have reinstated Date Night… ‘cos we literally can’t get enough of one another. We work almost completely opposite schedules so it’s a treat to carve out some time just us. Since this was our first date night in awhile, we decided to splash out a bit and grab dinner at Bleu Bistro- where we had one of our sweetest dates a couple years back.

The booths are small and have curtains you can pull if you want dinner to be extra-intimate. The menu is about 3/4 hard drinks and 1/4 food. Dean and I started off with a gin fizz and raspberry lemon drop respectively but the immense cocktail list encouraged us to get properly tipsy. Dangerous stuff!

Dean’s second drink- some sort of boozy butterscotch concoction. He chose to be chivalrous and give me the maraschino cherry.

Wasabi grilled cheese with three dipping sauces, mmmmm.

Dean in our booth (the same one we were seated at the last time we came!), under the star.

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