Twice Sold Tales on the Ave

I am so sad that this store is closing in a couple days! Twice Sold Tales on the Ave has been a familiar marker for me since I moved out here. It’s a wonderfully unfussy place to browse through used books, with friendly employees and skulking cats. I will miss passing by on my way home from work.

Chase bank isn’t to blame but I hate them for taking over this space. A hearty ‘fuck you’ to them, just for being monotonous and EVERYWHERE.

Shopping with Nate and Eric:

“Cats stolen before we instituted this policy: 3, Cats stolen after we instituted this policy: 0”

Eric and Nate find some gems.

“No returns, no refunds, even for you.”

Parasaurolophus, Parasaurolophus, Parasaurolophus. Say that three times fast.

Books I bought today. Schnitzel is a blur here because he was cuddling the Katherine Mansfield biography. It was the cutest.

So many good book stores have closed recently: Bailey Coy which I loved best, Abraxus, and Ophelia’s. What a loss!

2 thoughts on “Twice Sold Tales on the Ave

    • I’m happy to say you visited the other location of Twice Sold Tales which is still open- and I think still has the same adorable cats. Thanks for sharing your trip- love your photos!

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