Bloomfield Expats

Also this past weekend, I saw my friend Sarah for the first time in about EIGHT years. Sarah and I go way back. Our folks went to the same church so we’d play together at Sunday School, then we attended K-12 together. Imagine my surprise to learn that she and her husband Zac (also from my hometown) moved out to Seattle recently- wild! Naturally, we had to meet up for a happy reunion.

We went to Saley’s for a late morning breakfast then to Elliot Bay Books (unbeknownst to me, Mother of None, Elliot Bay Books is a great place for kids!). Here we are right before Sarah takes the kids home. The last time we took a picture together was in the second or third grade when we both dressed up as Princess Jasmines for Halloween. We were determined trick-or-treaters that year, completely undeterred by the early snow…

Kaylee with her apple juice and Nutella crêpe. Her sad, little face would break any heart!

Logan got caught sneaking into the employee area and ran back into the castle shouting to the other little boy, ‘Quick, grab a book! Seek cover from the storm!’ Haha. Here he is, safe behind the castle walls. That’s his new found friend in the background.

Hooray for new-old friends!

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