Birthday Treats

Today I am 26 years old. It’s been a lovely birthday, filled with friends and foods.


The Hellblazer cake my co-workers got me on Friday! Kristy first made sure to use an image from the Mike Carey run (he’s my favorite Hellblazer writer) and then, because of copyright issues, she altered the image for the baker. Too sweet! Also, I love how Jacq made sure to light John Constantine’s cigarette.

Jeremy Flores made me this cake to go along with his night of epic foods. It’s two layers of twinkies covered in chocolate frosting. It was delicious but- yowza! All that sugar gave me a case of sweater teeth!

Brunch with friends at Paddy Coyne’s

My corned beef hash was out of this world! Maybe the best corned beef hash ever.

Nate’s Irish breakfast, complete with blood pudding. Dean’s Galway toast (kinda like French toast but with a hint of orange).

A last-minute treat from Dean

Dark chocolate frozen yogurt with raspberries and white chocolate chips. I was still stuffed but this was such a nice surprise for the walk home.

Dean and I have spent the past couple hours crashing at home, still in a state of brunch lethargy. It feels nice to have the day off together and just laze around. A perfect end to a perfect birthday weekend.

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