Meat Coma

James is in town for his annual visit. He flew in Thursday evening but there hasn’t been time to jot everything down so, I gotta start in the middle.

We kicked off our Sunday with breakfast at Ipanema Grill, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ. We first went last year and had such a blast consuming endless plates of meat and salad, we HAD to go back. Today’s group of gluttons were Angela, Dave, me, Dean, James, and Nate. We’re all strong eaters and definitely pushed ourselves past the point of fullness. I can’t speak for my pals but I ate until it hurt and left sweating from the sheer strain I put on my body. At one point, Dave had his hands clasped as though in prayer to the God of Meat. He is a merciless god!

cheese balls and fried bananas
Starters: cheese bread and bananas

salad bar
My plate from the excellent salad bar: heart of palm, okra, cabbage, Ceasar salad, aaaaall sorts of tastiness

many meats
My first plate of many meats: Parmesan pork, passion fruit chicken, tri tip, bacon-wrapped steak, garlic steak

These are our before and after faces:
Dave playin’ it cool.

Fierce-faced Angela

My game face, my too-full face

Mean Mr. Dean

James comes through unscathed.

Super-great Nate

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