National Pancake Day

March 1st was National Pancake Day. After work, Kristy and I hustled up the hill to IHOP and enjoyed our free short stacks of fluffy pancakes. Nothing lifts the spirits on a drizzly evening quite like hot, free food! We also split a Belgian waffle with apple compote (before Kristy, I pronounced ‘compote’ to rhyme with ‘Truman Capote’. It sounds more festive that way but I suppose I better learn to say it correctly). The Anthony Bourdains of the world weep but my plebeian palate melts for American fast food chains. Mmmm.

Those delicious, artificially flavored syrups! As you can see, I like to put a different flavor on each pancake: butter pecan, strawberry, blueberry.

I should also say I believe there is a diner’s etiquette for free pancakes at IHOP: remember to tip and donate to the Children’s Foundation. It’s morally murky territory if you want to go IHOP hopping for free short stacks but I think you’re in the clear as long as you make a donation at each stop.

Ah, now I wait with bated breath for Free Slurpee Day…

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