I Love Freeway Park!

I love it all year round, but most of all coming into nicer weather. There’s no playground and it’s not the nicest place to picnic, but it’s a swell little park. I must’ve spent an extra half hour strolling around yesterday- I was so pleased to see all the flowers coming up. At last, spring […]

Twice Sold Tales on the Ave

I am so sad that this store is closing in a couple days! Twice Sold Tales on the Ave has been a familiar marker for me since I moved out here. It’s a wonderfully unfussy place to browse through used books, with friendly employees and skulking cats. I will miss passing by on my way […]

Bloomfield Expats

Also this past weekend, I saw my friend Sarah for the first time in about EIGHT years. Sarah and I go way back. Our folks went to the same church so we’d play together at Sunday School, then we attended K-12 together. Imagine my surprise to learn that she and her husband Zac (also from […]

Birthday Treats

Today I am 26 years old. It’s been a lovely birthday, filled with friends and foods. Cakes! The Hellblazer cake my co-workers got me on Friday! Kristy first made sure to use an image from the Mike Carey run (he’s my favorite Hellblazer writer) and then, because of copyright issues, she altered the image for […]

Until next year

Every year, James visits and we take a picture with the paper as a sort of end-of-trip memento. The photo quality is never good enough to see the date but I think it’s a nifty tradition anyway. This one was taken early Tuesday morning. We walked into a bagel shop, grabbed the paper, and posed […]

Emerald City Comicon

Nate, Dave, James and I went for all three days. We spotted lots of Boba Fetts, ate out every day (we did Genki Sushi twice ‘cos they were doing $1 plates and are delicious!), sat in on lots of panels, and got to meet a lot of neat cartoonists/writers. Good times! I’m a little bit […]

Meat Coma

James is in town for his annual visit. He flew in Thursday evening but there hasn’t been time to jot everything down so, I gotta start in the middle. We kicked off our Sunday with breakfast at Ipanema Grill, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ. We first went last year and had such a blast consuming endless […]

Graham Coxon

More old fan art: a couple illustrated music reviews I did for my university paper, The Stony Brook Press around 2004 and 2006. Oh, nostalgia… (minor regret: using a computer to fill in quickly. Boo, laziness!) Graham Coxon’s solo work isn’t perfect but his seven albums try a lot of things and are peppered with […]