Gang of Four

Last night, Jeremy and I saw Gang of Four at the Showbox. We were both pretty beat that evening but it isn’t every day you get to see Gang of Four on a spring-loaded dance floor, right? It helped that we were standing next to the most spirited Seattle concert-goer I’ve ever seen. This girl went ape-shit before the band even came on stage, straight through their second encore- talk about screamin’ pipes! She was cool as hell and I was extra-impressed that she knew all the words to songs off of Content since I sure don’t. Andy Gill tossed his guitar around for awhile which was neat. His stage presence reminds me of Jamie Hince’s from The Kills but that’s backwards thinking… They played all my favorites except for ‘At Home He’s A Tourist’ but that’s still a LOT of favorites squeezed in. Jeremy and I danced badly and without pretension, really busting out the crazy legs as they closed with ‘Damaged Goods’.

Jon King and Andy Gill. Excellent, excellent.

You can’t even tell how tired we are here, but I had to consume an ocean of black tea to stay functional and conscious at work today. Uuuugh.

(Sorry about the flare, I couldn’t risk bringing Dean’s Canon, so I used had my poor old point-and-shoot all night.)
Before the show, we went to Pabla’s for dinner. We split the Aloo Chat and some sort of spicy lamb dish. I could eat Indian food every day, it is sooo damn tasty. Afterwards, we decided to kill a little more time at the Taphouse Grill since Jeremy had a $20 gift card there from his job. I don’t have a problem with Taphouse but it cracked me up when Jeremy said, ‘We might as well go drink with the douchebags!’ There were two private functions going on while we were there and I like to think Jeremy amused the parties and bartenders with his stories: ‘… Yeah, I’m never dropping acid with my brother again. That was one of the worst nights of my life.’

Also last night, people were gathered Downtown to protest against police brutality. This has been a big issue in Seattle since John T. Williams, a Native American woodcarver, was unjustly killed by an officer. The officer was not charged. Jeremy and I caught the back of it on our way to the Showbox.

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