Lovey-Dovey mushy-mush

I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s like a Thanksgiving where you only have to be thankful for your rad boyfriend and luckily my boyfriend is super rad. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how lucky Dean and I are. I love that sometimes we’d rather stay in and be boring. I love that we both have a sick sense of humor and laugh at inappropriate parts of movies. I love his handsome face and long eyelashes. I love how much fun we have all the time. We’ve been together a little over three and a half years and we’re still nuts about each other!

I put this up on our wall last night while Dean snoozed on the sofa. Our heads are in the way, but it’s the chorus from a Blur song: ‘Cos you’re so great, and I love you.’ So simple, so fitting.

Here’s Schnitzel warily eying our abandoned decorations. I picked up the streamers from Archie McPhee’s.

Cheeseburgers, our favorite!

More dinner: roasted potatoes, peas, and WHISKY.

Cheers, to more happy home dates!

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