Here Comes The Sun

Loads of nice things this past week:

Dan, my friend from college, got to come out to Seattle for a couple days on business. We met up with him and his friends from Japan Wednesday night at Deluxe. As luck would have it, we got there for Deluxe’s Burgerama night where the burger and fries are half off. I ordered the Fuego with chipotle mayo, pepper jack, jalapenos, and avocado- what a perfect combination of flavors! Headed over to Molly Moons for dessert. Dean and I got the raspberry chocolate sorbet, mine with lemon curd. Dan and Nate got the maple bacon ice cream. We capped off the evening with a couple drinks at the Elysian Brewing Co. where Dan, Nate, and Stephen entertained us with stories from their Japan days: parties with chocolate fountains, club kids named Toad who look like Toad from Mario, and fake teachers on Facebook. Thanks to Nate for having a camera handy and snapping a photo.

Thursday, Dean bought me a set of fancy watercolors. Watercolor tubes have been on my wish-list forever! I cannot wait to use them, so pretty!

Kristy invited me to a free belly dancing class at her gym on Saturday. The thought of soberly dancing around in a brightly lit gym with a bunch of strangers made me nervous but I think it’s good to try things that scare you a little- especially if you’re going in with a good friend who won’t judge you. I probably did look foolish, stumbling through the routines and sweating up a storm- but I laughed a lot and left feelin’ like a million bucks. Afterwards, we went back to Kristy’s for cold glasses of vodka-orange-pineapple and drunken tuna tacos. Both were delicious. Also, I’d like to note that Kristy makes the strongest cocktails I’ve ever had in my LIFE- holy drunk! I only had one glass, but there must have been about two and a half shots of booze in there. I was so befuddled with endorphins and vodka when I left her place, I forgot my purse and had to drunkenly double back. D’oh!

K, Time to paint!

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