“What’ve they got in there, King Kong?”

Last night, Nate, Dean, and I caught the midnight showing of Jurassic Park at the Egyptian Theatre. Ah! It’s still perfect! I totally forgot about Alan Grant kicking a raptor in the face! And about the game warden’s tall socks! And that Laura Dern is a total babe (just kidding, her beauty is unforgettable). The whole thing is magic and I still get the warm fuzzies when I hear John Williams’ rousing score.

The Egyptian is another of my favorite things in Seattle. I love the columns and pseudo-Egyptian detailing. Also, one of the employees is a burlesque dancer, how cool is that?

Midnight Movie weekends always bring to mind my dear friend David Ginn. This was back on Long Island while I was going to school when we would spend all of our free time at our newspaper office. One night, he asks if I want to take a break and watch Dead Alive on the big screen. Turns out, he’d found a way into one of the larger lecture rooms so he and his girlfriend at the time could have their own little cinema. After he procured a remote for the projection system, he started inviting a few friends and we enjoyed the Secret Cinema a bunch. It was the best!

Closing note: here are my ridiculous T-Rex slippers. Roar!

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