Sunday Brunch

Kristy and I enjoyed a leisurely brunch at Rosebud today. Going out with Kristy is great. We both LOVE food and end up having a funny mix of conversation topics (this time: our awesome boyfriends, accidentally speaking like Jeeves and Wooster to co-workers, pigeons, Jordanian parties, Alan Turing, Kenneth Williams, and impossible pregnancies).

Rosebud sticks to its theme- the walls are filled with black and white photos and old wooden sleds. We were seated in one of the cushy booths under a picture of Clara Bow where we were served endless refills of coffee, tea, and mimosas. Beverage paradise.
(Also, love Kristy’s Phantom shirt!)

I ordered the eggs florentine (mmm, hollandaise sauce). Shortly after this was taken, the potatoes were doused with tobasco and ketchup but they were tasty plain as well- the seasoning was just right.

Kristy ordered the morning pasta with bacon, pesto sauce, and toast. Sadly, the photo is too fuzzy to post but, believe me, it looked divine. At one point, I thought the server was going to scold me for taking pictures (it is a little unorthodox to bust out a camera during brunch) but he ended up being a fellow food-picture enthusiast! The staff is terrific, by the way. Definitely going back!

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