Sniffles Sunday

Still a bit of a snot-nosed mess, but not too shabby otherwise. Dean had today off so we braved the bitter cold rain and took a trip up to Northgate. Not the wisest decision since I’m still recovering and have a busy week coming up but we needed to get the hell out of the […]

Snivel about it

Blegh. Just when I thought I’d made it through the winter in (relatively) perfect health, I succumbed to the common cold. Consequently, I haven’t given much time or thought to any of my little projects. Dean and I have spent the past few nights on the sofa in pajamas, letting the dishes and laundry pile […]

Michael Caine in Sleuth(s)

Sleuth, 1972 Milo Tindle (Michael Caine) is in love with Maguerite, wife of older, wealthy Andrew Wyke (Laurence Olivier). The two men meet at Andrew’s gaudy mansion (complete with hedge maze!) to discuss their situation. They end up playing a ‘game’ where they take turns humiliating and scaring the shit out of one another. This […]

Million Dollar View

My weekend’s been crummy so far but it’s hard to be upset when the weather’s this nice. Dean and I have such an amazing view of the city from our living room! It really made me smile to wake up to this vivid, sunny morning- especially after a week of gray skies. It was brisk […]

Gang of Four

Last night, Jeremy and I saw Gang of Four at the Showbox. We were both pretty beat that evening but it isn’t every day you get to see Gang of Four on a spring-loaded dance floor, right? It helped that we were standing next to the most spirited Seattle concert-goer I’ve ever seen. This girl […]

Michael Sheen as other real people

Michael Sheen is my current favorite actor- I think he’s brilliant. I’m a ridiculous penny pincher so, I’ve been waiting in library queue since DECEMBER for The Special Relationship– yes, I should just pay a couple bucks to rent it… Anyway, Dean and I have been watching these fab flicks while we wait for it […]

Here Comes The Sun

Loads of nice things this past week: Dan, my friend from college, got to come out to Seattle for a couple days on business. We met up with him and his friends from Japan Wednesday night at Deluxe. As luck would have it, we got there for Deluxe’s Burgerama night where the burger and fries […]