Florida Trip – Paynes Prairie

First stop, Gainesville! We made quick stops at Paynes Prairie both ways- checked out Bolens Bluff on the way down and the Alachua Sink on the way back. Both rad!

all those dots in the water are alligators!

jumbo snails

gator in a wig!

gator waterslide!

Jason’s friends at Satch Squared. We got the waffles which were excellent, but I’m getting pizza next time!

Return to Paradise

I’ve been to Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden a few times now and every visit is special. This time, we stayed at the bungalow right on the property– which gives you unlimited access to the garden since it’s right in the backyard. Listened to Elvis at the chapel under a full moon, ate VERY WELL, I caught an Uno winning streak, we cuddled the cats Calvin and Hobbs (Hashbrown tail!). What an amazing weekend.

Weaponized Flesh

Psyched to do the logo and this hy pup cover art for my favorite local band Weaponized Flesh! Love seeing their demo cassette out and it’ll be the best day when they can play shows again.

First practice! I was there hanging out and sewing my Halloween costume.

Good Morning

My high school art teacher gave me a Speedball blockprinting kit for graduation and I still use it today, 18 years later. The inks are long gone of course, but whenever I carve and print a simple design, I’m reminded of her encouragement. I woke up Wednesday, excited that my state flipped the senate. By the afternoon, I felt sick to my stomach. Hahahaaa, what an UNEASY shitshow! There are more actions I can take, but for now, I’m doing small things that feel good, like sending out a few postcards to stay in touch with loved ones. Hope y’all are doing finding ways to take care and hang tough!