Hemlock Falls

Usually, I would prefer a mountain trail to a waterfall trial. BUT Hemlock Falls is an exception- it’s an easy and and relatively flat walk (no climbing back up afterwards!), with beautiful creek views along the way. I liked how the trail was wet from the water and covered in slippery roots. I was the only person on this trail in the early morning- the seclusion and misting at those little falls was refreshing! It’d be fun to visit when the water is warm enough for a dip.

*Not to be confused with Hemlock Falls at Cloudland Canyon!

Cabin Fever

I spent Memorial Day weekend in the North Georgia mountains and it was SO NICE. Saturday, I hiked Blood Mountain with friends. Sunday and Monday I went to a small cabin by myself in Sautee Nacoochee. It’s the best decision I’ve made while social distancing and I’m currently trying to see if I can book a cabin for a few weekdays while I’m still able to work remotely. This place ruled so hard! Chill time: reading on the screened porch which made me feel like I was in the trees, soaking in the heart-shaped jacuzzi while marathoning Naked and Afraid XL, drinking wine spritzers by the fire. I read until my eyeballs hurt which I haven’t done in years. Felt great.

Total cheeseball here trying to capture the porch magic with a timer selfie. I wore jammies the entire time and ended up reading about 300 pages of Dust, the last of the Silo trilogy. Love it.
Grilled and did not blow anything up. The salmon was a tad overcooked but the jerk-spiced corn was delicious. Counting this as a major success.
More mountain laurel, so pretty… tho apparently very deadly.
I’ve always wanted a heart-shaped tub and if I ever own a home again, I’m putting one in. They absolutely improve your bath enjoyment 100x.
After this fire died down, I had one of the most comfortable nights in memory sleeping in a jumbo king-sized bed. I still do not own a bed! I guess I should get one of those before I order my heart jacuzzi…
Right after sunrise at the Nacoochee Indian Mound.
I had a late breakfast at Hemlock Falls but I haven’t gone thru those photos yet. Reliving this perfect weekend as long as possible!

Spring on Blood Mountain

I was a bit nervous when I was invited to hike Blood Mountain. It’s definitely a workout, but well-worth it for the view at the top. What a treat to sit on those rocks under the sun, eating peach galette and watching the lizards dart around. Here’s hoping I can psych myself up to hike this again in the fall and catch a sunrise.

Mountain laurel blooming all over!

UFO spotting!
Ariel brought a treat for the top! She also had a ton of cool nature facts. A random one that stuck with me is that woodpeckers get concussions!

Quarantine Scenes III

Woof, week 10. No one is more cooped up than Coop tho.

Work wife!

Buy Klon’s Tobe Hooper zine!
You can pick it up from Bizarro if you live in Athens!

Still hate FaceTime but love seeing these faces.
Happy Birthday!!


This is Cooper’s best friend. They visit pretty regularly!
Martin with Kristy and Gavin. One of my favorite vampire (maybe) movies

Georgia has basically reopened and things feel confusing. I still try to act as tho I’m an asymptomatic carrier when I leave home, but everyone seems to be on different pages. Sometimes, I worry I’m being too extreme, other times I worry I’ve grown restless and sloppy. Usually, I feel like the latter- I’ve eased up on a bunch of precautions this month. I go to the grocery store aaalmost every week. I made my first non-essential shopping trip to Bizarro (some bros downtown laughed at me for wearing a mask?). Most recently, I decided to have three friends ‘in my bubble.’ That last change came out of a discussion I had with my closest friend of the three (we both have limited coworker interactions, live alone, and pretty much just hang out with each other); the other two I see less often and they have their own extended circles. Early on, I tried to find any article that said a limited friend bubble (people you are sharing a space of some sort with) was ok and could not find anything. Now you can find a few articles that recommend having a coronabuddy or friend pact but to be real, I get my choice here isn’t advisable and I hope I don’t get anyone sick. A few other things: I started talking to a therapist again; I’m excited about parks re-opening; I’m mailing in my vote. I still walk or run almost every day. I eat well. I read every night. My cats remain a daily comfort. I’m into a “new normal,” but can’t imagine being comfortable going out for real anytime soon.

A couple observations from friends that have resonated with me:
I feel like I’m going insane. On the one hand, you have people who are openly concerned about the virus and the implications that the weird nature of its spread have on our current lives and the remainder of our human experience moving forward.
On the other, there are people who are staunchly committed to the notion that the virus is no bigger a concern than all the other things that we already accept that aggressively kill us in accelerated ways… That they and others are entitled to go to work to collect money to hand over to their “boss.”
And on this other, weirdest-biggest third hand, are my many friends and acquaintances who keep posting IG stories and stuff that are like, #socialdistancebirthdayparty or whatever, but it’s like, no, you didn’t have a socially-distanced birthday party, you just had a regular hang, just like from before, as though nothing were truly different or weird. Like it’s not real or it’s some kind of pretend. And that makes me feel the most insane of all…

People are so callous and desensitized to death. It exposes so many systematic failings and embedded racism/ageism and how we evaluate lives. It is bizarre that I have heard next to nothing about deaths in Athens. I see the number, but everyone just treats them as a statistic. Under other circumstances, I’m used to seeing fundraising pages to help with funeral costs, or obituaries, or Facebook posts or SOMETHING.

I really don’t know how to feel sometimes. I’m acclimating every day!

Cloudland Canyon

2017, 2018, 2019.
Every time I go, I hike down to the waterfalls (it’s always a dry, hot day and the falls are merely a trickle), then back up to the the overlook. I keep ending up here alone, and there really is a healing effect in letting your head empty out over the 1000′ canyons and sandstone cliffs.

Stranger Danger

May 2017

Athens Business Rocks is Nuçi Space’s annual fundraiser, where local businesses form bands and compete for charity and glory. This is one of many events that cannot happen this year (Nuçi’s is currently focusing on the very worthy Garrie Vereen Memorial Fund). I feel really lucky that Flagpole let me be the demogorgon for their band Stranger Danger.

A mother and a monster. Jess looks so much like Winona!

Always hiding. ^̮^

Alicia serving Eggos!

Indian Seats

What an expansive view from the summit of Sawnee Mountain! I had to ask Jessica why it’s called Indian Seats, and she explained it’s the seat-like depressions in the granite. It certainly felt nice to sit on the ledge and look out. Azaleas grow horizontally out of the rocks. Little cows and little McMansions dotted the fields below. Totally worth the trip. I’d love to catch a sunrise here.

Rainy Season

Jessica and I celebrated our birthday last year at Flicker with a joint art show, our favorite bands (Hot Fudge, Thrum, Apparition), and an ice cream bar. I drew/painted seven pieces loosely based on Korean myths and folklore. I sold the originals but just found some scans! I work small but these are the three “big” ones.

If you see an Egg Ghost, you will die! Descriptions vary- they have an opaque, featureless face, or maybe they are shaped like am egg without any limbs at all. It might be a spirit who died without loved ones to mourn them.
egg ghost

Cheuksin, the toilet goddess! A beautiful virgin with long hair, banished to the outhouse by the a Jowangsin, the goddess of the kitchen. Cheuksin despises children and topples them into pit toilets.

Yeosan Buin, a devoted wife and mother who drowned in a bottomless icy lake. She was revived as Jowangsin, the goddess of the kitchen, hearth, and fire.
yeosan buin

Salem Massachusetts is Magic

September 2019

I have been fascinated by witches as long as I can remember and my all-time favorite vacation as a kid was going to Salem with my Mom. I recently finished reading The Witches: 1692 and am now plotting out a mini called Witch Pranks. There are a lot of things to love here: a modern day concentration on the occult, the town’s openness and education on its dark history (never glossed over on any placard or tour), the actual prettiness of the area. New England in the fall cannot be beat! I gotta go back to Salem for a full weekend one day.The Bewitched statue! I was too shy to ask a stranger to take my photo with her and I regret being a chicken! I have such a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery. Love her in Bewitched of course, but I’m also a big fan of her in The Legend of Lizzie Borden. A super babe who lit up the screen!
Count Orlok’s is a must-see for horror fans. I got chills (in a good way) seeing all the wax figures and horror memorabilia. I want to create a replica of their American Werewolf in London scene and just let that take over my entire apartment. Hahaaa. No photos allowed but it is well worth it.
Dream House #1 (The Witch House, the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the trials)
Dream House #2 (The House of Seven Gables. I remember stopping here as a kid!)
Not only is the House of Seven Gables a REAL seaside mansion, I saw two stray black cats roaming around!
Haus Witch, I spent pretty much all of my money here buying friends cleansing homewares and feminist zines. Being in this space felt really good.
I stayed in a tiny room in Marblehead, steps from the rocky beach. Anytime I’m near a coast, I want to spend as much time by the ocean as possible.