East Coast Road Trip

May has been an incredible month for us. Our last week in Seattle was good (thank you, wonderful friends!) but it was also hard for me to do anything but worry about the big trip. Damnit, I always waste so much time worrying. Our move could not have gone smoother. First, we flew to my […]

Seattle City Guide

Dean and I left Seattle at the beginning of the week and closed a huge chapter of our lives. We’ll be back to visit, of course, but it was tough saying ‘goodbye’ to our wonderful friends and a city we’ve grown to love so much. I don’t believe in the Seattle Freeze, this is the […]


Omigod, it’s no wonder Savannah is nicknamed the Hostess City of the South. We were completely charmed. I’ll never get over the spooky spanish moss or beautiful historic buildings- that stuff just takes my breath away. This was the last stop on our road trip and the sweetest spot we could’ve ended with. Colonial Park […]


Athens felt like a perfect town to us. Southern and friendly with a walkable core, a fabulous comics shop, and too many eateries for us to get through in two days. I’m lousy at tactful announcements but… we’ve decided to move there! In a nutshell: our savings’ll go a little further and we’ll be closer […]


We kicked off vacation in Asheville, North Carolina- a very cool mountain town. James, Dean, and I checked this one out together as a potential city to live in. In the end, we didn’t think it was the right spot but it has so many things we love! Good beer, plenty of vegetarian restaurants, and […]

Mountain Town Cats

We’re back from our road trip through the Southeast. It was one of the best weeks of our lives. :) I still haven’t had a chance to look through all our pictures but I wanted to post these. Ran into this tough-looking trio after a long day exploring Asheville, about five minutes before nighttime really […]

Little Italy, San Diego

I’ve spent this week battling a cold, feeling tired and hideous so it seemed like a good time to reminisce about our last sunny, summer trip. Back in August, Dean and I flew down to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding (it was a beautiful ceremony on the beach!). We were only in town for […]

Camping in the Southern Cascades

I have mixed feelings about camping. On the one hand, I’m constantly in awe of planet Earth and strongly value its conservation but on the other hand, the outdoors are full of creepy crawlies and I have zero passion for sleeping in the woods. Camping is kind of a big deal in the Pacific NorthWest […]

City Stardust

On our last day in Las Vegas, Dean and I took a tour of the Neon Museum- an outdoor ‘boneyard’ of elaborate neon signs. The tour was phenomenal. We loved hearing stories about the city’s flashy past and almost every sign had a good story to go with it: Sinatra riding a camel up to […]


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